Running a business already has so many moving parts without the added stress of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. That’s why working with an IT recruiter can be an invaluable asset to streamline the process, saving you time and money while hiring smarter and faster.

The average time to find a new employee is 36 days, which means not only are you spending time and resources on hiring, but you’re also missing out on potential productivity. With a recruiter, you can get qualified candidates in your pipeline more quickly and efficiently—here’s why:

1. Access to Professional Networks

Professional recruiters have networks of talented professionals ready for hire, which no single employer could ever match. That means instant access to a big pool of candidates far outside of your current network.

With a recruiter, you’ll reach more qualified professionals who have the skills and experience needed for the job. It also allows you to find talent from different backgrounds, giving your company a wider range of perspectives on its team.

2. Gatekeepers for Your Time

Recruiters can weed out unqualified candidates and narrow down your options to the top few. This saves enormous time and resources, as recruiters have already pre-screened the applicants and provided you with a shortlist of qualified professionals.

Bad hires can cost about 30% of that person’s salary—that’s a lot of money to lose, especially when you factor in lost productivity and onboarding costs. With recruiters in the mix, you can more likely avoid those losses by having a professional gatekeeper that only sends you people that are a good fit for the position and culture.

3. They Know How to Interview

IT recruiters know how to ask the right questions and set up the interview process so that you get the most out of an applicant. They understand both sides of the interviewing process, from what works for employers and what appeals to job seekers. This means fewer surprises during interviews and a more accurate assessment of each candidate.

4. Industry Expertise

Especially at a time like right now, with the labor participation rate nearing a 40 year low and the job market for relevant talent being so volatile, expensive, and competitive, recruiters know how to negotiate on your behalf. They understand what the market trends are and can help you stay competitive while finding quality talent.

Focused recruiters also understand the nuances of job roles and can give advice on what it takes to be successful in a certain role, which helps you save time when hiring for positions that require specific skills or expertise.

Let’s use the IT field as an example: The tech industry’s turnover rate is 13.2%, the highest of any industry. Companies are offering insanely high salaries and out-of-this-world benefits for top talent. But it wasn’t sustainable in all situations—in the last year, over 60,000 tech employees have been laid off.  

With an IT recruiter, you can find a good fit for your specific company and situation without paying an above-market salary because you’ll have more people to choose from. Without this industry knowledge, you could easily be paying too much for the wrong person.

5. Simplified and Secure Hiring Process

IT recruiters will do all the communication for you, so you don’t have to worry about going back and forth with candidates. This prevents you from wasting your time on unqualified applicants and simplifies the process for qualified professionals.

It also separates you a good bit of the time from the candidates who don’t fit —you don’t have much if any interaction with them, so you can stay focused on hiring individuals who are the best fit based on experience and credentials. Recruiters handle a lot of that upfront work which can be a big time waster and lead to many meetings but no offers.

Fill Your Role Fast With Aris Search IT Recruiters

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